Journalist from The Danish Media-  og Journalist school/ Update  2011- 2012

Written word: I started writing for the local "Bornholms Tidende" in 2007. Until 2020, I have been working for the paper as a freelancer, news reporter and writing a lot of portrait interviews, reportages and articles about art and culture.   Television : From  2012-14, I was employed at TV2 / Bornholm, where I made interview programs "live - on - tape".   Radio:  In 2015, I took a radio course and today I can create radio programs in Hindenburg. I have a good voice and my background in performing arts makes me a good speaker, interviewer and reader. Member of the journalist association since 2012    
The given examples are unfortunately all in danish  

KLUMME (2017)

“Pøbelvælde”, Bornholms Tidende


Maria Rubinke på Bornholms Kunstmuseum

ESSAY (2019)

Tarantino og 110 år med bornholmske biografer