LUST 2017

  LUST An exhibition and art performance about female sexuality The audience is led into a small surrealistic exhibition of objects, and after a while a performance starts to take place. A different visual experience, in which Helene Høm questions what we perceive as “art” and what we perceive as “theatre”. She uses methods and expressions from visual arts to “speak” about a theme that is difficult to put in words: Female sexuality.   With a special focus on the interaction between performer, costume and object, combined with a minimum of spoken words.   The dramaturgical curve  is based on associations, connotations and images, and LUST disturbs the intellectual mind set and won’t follow any logic – exactly like female sexuality does.   – The female lust has been suppressed, glorified and feared through out history, and today it is both taboo and extremely exposed on the internet, in medias, in the porno and film industries. I believe the female lust still has its own life far away from all of that. I want to invite the audience into this world, says Helene Høm.  
“…Refreshing and different, really an experience”   “…There is a humour and a vulnerability to it, that goes straight to the heart!”   “…LUST creates a lot of images in your mind, images you can’t explain, and they have so many layers, so interesting”                                                                                                                                                                      (Audience, premiere I 2014)  
concept and performance: Helene Høm Tekst, artworks and costumes: Helene Høm ARTISTIC HELP: Katrine Karlsen, Sissel Romme Christensen, Thomas Danielsen SUPPORTED BY: The Danish Arts Council, BornholmsCulture Week 2014, Sparekassen Bornholms Fund.