20 Costumes of war (2016) eng

Development project: "20 Costumes of War (or just 3)
Exhibited at Bornholm Art Museum, June 2016.
Three metaphorical art costumes from different times and places on the continent. Each suit contained a conflict, internal as well as external, political as well as psychological.
Exhibited by 3 performers who stood for seven hours during the museum's opening hours. Testing my dream of making an exhibition about war- in various senses - with 20 performerss standing every day throughout the exhibition period.
The South African Dress
The War Clown
The Catholic lover, Venice
Idea and costumes: Helene Høm. Performers: GiuliaPataro, Thomas Danielsen and Katrine Karlsen. Sound: Helene Høm Supported by THE  DANISH ART COUNSIL
Videorecordings James xxxxx / Editing Helene Høm